What I do After School

For challenge 4 of the student blog challenge, one of the activities is to tell your readers about what you do after school. here they are: To play/ build my Lego army, read, play games on the computer, blog, go biking, go to the beach (only in summer though) go to my friends, take photos, practice rugby, and play rugby.  That’s it really, I hope you now know what I do after school.


7 thoughts on “What I do After School

  1. Hey dude whats up? I love to play with legos they are so awesome! Especially the starwars ones I love those kind because they are so creative and fun. What are favorite legos to play with? I love to bike and go to the beach but never played rugby before? Is it fun? Anyways hope you can comment on my blog at http://2016bac.edublogs.org/

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  3. hi daniel

    i like a lot your blog and you are posting very cool things. you put the necessary informatio and you are posting so well that i spend hours in your blog. and i love your blog because it is very creative. i love Lego like you and my favorite character of Lego is obi-wan. continue like that. visit my blog go to this link:

  4. Do you like btd5?because I like btd5
    Do you like nerf guns ?

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