Some Questions About New Zealand (for blogging challenge, activity 6)

Hey readers,I have some questions about my home country that I live in:

  1. Who lived in New Zealand before the English?
  2. Where in New Zealand is the Chatham Islands?
  3. What is the name Paraparaumu in English?
  4. What 3 languages of New Zealand?
  5. What place in New Zealand suffered earthquakes, and are having Thousands of aftershocks?
  6. What is New Zealand currently hosting?

This is the link to check I have done activity 6 properly.


7 thoughts on “Some Questions About New Zealand (for blogging challenge, activity 6)

  1. Does it snow in New Zealand?Is it hot in the summer?I live in Canada it snows there alot in the winter.It is really hot in the summer like 33 celceuis.

  2. What language do you speak in New Zealand?

    What is your favorite sport?

    What kind of tv shows do you like to watch?

    from Riyam in Canada

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  4. Hey Daniel,
    2.Just off the North Island
    3Dirty oven
    4. 1.New Zealand sign language 2.Maori 3.English
    6. Rugby World cup

    From Cameron

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