End of 2013 School Year

The year has gone quite fast. So much has happened, good and bad, but we all got through it. There are TONES of things that have happened this year, from National, to International, Local to Family. Obviously, I have learnt a tone of things this year that, may or may not help me next year. Here is my first list of things that have happened to me (good things), then a list on National things (good AND bad), and a sports list. There are also things that I have learnt this year that I can (and will) share with you all this year.


  • I made $107.00 from refereeing
  • I got ALL of the Lego Sets from Attack of the Clones (redesigned models)
  • I got $120.00 from birthday money
  • I read The House of Hades
  • I got my Excellence Badge
  • I turned 13
  • I took my Level One Touch Referee Course
  • I got the Marshall Mather LP2


  • Wellington/Seddon had a few major Earthquakes
  • Christchurch’s Redzone Re-opened
  • Ewen MacDonald was denied parole


  • The All Blacks won ALL 14 matches this year
  • The Chiefs went back to back in the Super Rugby Championship
  • The Breakers went back to back to back in the NBL
  • The Football Ferns drew with the USA (the best team in the world)
  • The Male AND Female Sevens teams won the Sevens World Cups

My highlights from each list were:

  • Making $107.00
  • Major Earthquakes in the Cook Strait
  • The All Blacks winning ALL 14 games this year

Stats of the All Blacks games 2013

  • GAME ONE: All Blacks 23-13 France
  • GAME TWO: All Blacks 30-0 France
  • GAME THREE: All Blacks 24-9 France
  • GAME FOUR: Australia 29-47 All Blacks
  • GAME FIVE: All Blacks 27-16 Australia (I was at this game)
  • GAME SIX: All Blacks 28-13 Argentina
  • GAME SEVEN: All Blacks 29-15 South Africa
  • GAME EIGHT: Argentina 15-33 All Blacks
  • GAME NINE: South Africa 27-38 All Blacks (BEST GAME EVER!)
  • GAME TEN: All Blacks 41-33 Wallabies
  • GAME ELEVEN: Japan 6-54 All Blacks
  • GAME TWELVE: France 19-26 All Blacks
  • GAME THIRTEEN: England 22-30 All Blacks
  • GAME FOURTEEN: Ireland 22-24 All Blacks (Dane Coles, Ryan Crotty and Aaron Cruden for the win)

Stats of the Wellington/Seddon Earthquakes

  • Quake No.1 came at July 19. 9:06:39am. 5.7. Ironically my sister was playing Quakecraft on Hypixel’s Server when it came
  • Quake No.2 came July 21. 5:09:30pm. 6.5.
  • Quake No.3 (The largest one) came at 2:31:05pm on August 16. I was at school, and I thought that someone was shaking the table, but no one was at the computer desk. It lasted 30 seconds maybe?
  • Quake No. 4 came at 2:37:27pm on August 16. 5.4
  • Quake No.5 came at 3:09:08 pm on August 16. 5.5
  •  Quake No.6 came at 3:51:35pm on August 16. 5.6
  • Quake No.7 came at 5:31:16pm on August 16. 6.0

These were the Severe ones. Stats from Geonet.

Minecraft left 1.5. There were Horses added into 1.6. It was a GREAT addition. Then came 1.7. More biomes were added, new flowers, new blocks etc.

BTD5 iOS got 2 new towers added. BTDB iOS was released and has now been updated and has the Bloonchipper. Bloons Monkey City was also released, and I mainly play this.

Overall, 2013 has been a great year. Although, there were some stink things about 2013. All of last years Year 8’s (that I am friends with) all left. But that was probably the only stink thing that happened last year that effected me in ways this year.


  • Learning TONES of songs on the Acoustic Guitar
  • AND lots of Barre Chords
  • Learnt Long Division
  • I learnt a lot to do with Touch Rugby Refereeing


Hi. My name is Daniel and I am 13 years old. I have had this blog since about June 2010, and have had OVER 250 comments. My favourite colour is Orange (the sunset colours, any as long as they’re orange). I like to watch YouTube, and play on my iPod 4. In also play Minecraft (less now then at the start of the year) and I also play lots of BTD5 iOS, BTDB iOS, and Bloons Monkey City. My 3 favourite YouTube channels are:

  • CaptainSparklez
  • Yogscast Duncan
  • Superjombombo2

I also don’t mind the FineBros, Yogscast Lewis & Simon, and Epic Rap Battles of History. My favourite food is Macaroni Cheese, and I like chocolate. My favourite T.V shows are Arrow, and Mythbusters. I like playing (and reffing) touch rugby. I like being outside, and I also like listening to music. I play the guitar, and I have been playing for 2 years, and I am a B player (it goes Starter, A,B,C). My favourite band is Greenday, closely followed by ImagineDragons. My favourite solo artist is Eminem. I like reading books, and my favourite series is The Heroes of Olympus.



House of Hades- Book Review

The House of Hades (Heroes of Olympus, #4) The House of Hades (Heroes of Olympus, #4) The House of Hades (The Heroes of Olympus, #4)

The House of Hades is the 4th installment to the Heroes of Olympus. The book picks up not to long after the ending of the third book, the Mark of Athena. It picks up starting with Hazel, Leo, and Nico trying to defend the ship against numina montanum (in Latin, ourae in Greek). Hazel keeps thinking on waking up the others, but they (Frank, Piper, and Jason) defended the ship all night, and they had to rest. Leo’s using his Wii Sticks to defend the ship with his Archimedes Sphere.

Overall the book has a lot of action, and it was funny in parts, and you do get some chapters in Tartarus. More of the prophecy is figured out. The seven half-bloods answer the call, to fight the Giants. I’m not quite sure of ‘To Storm or Fire, the World must fall’ because Leo thinks it’s either himself, Jason, or Percy (as those to can create storms). I have no clue to ‘An oath to keep with a final breath’. The forth one is explained. ‘And foes bear arms to the doors of death’. At the start of ‘The Heroes of Olympus’, most (in the book and also lots of people in the mortal/real world) thought it would be the Greeks and Romans unite to close the doors. But it is actually Titans and Giants. The Titan ‘Iapteus/Bob’, and the Giant ‘Damasen’* close the doors.

*Damasen, Bane of Ares, is a peaceful Giant (as Ares is violent, and the Giants are the opposites of the Gods), and is the ONLY giant that is not helping Gaia and the Giants.

Luckily enough, Bob found Annabeth and Percy, and helped them out of Tartarus. They come across a Hermes Shrine, were, some food sacrifices from Camp Half-Blood, and they got to feast on it. Annabeth smartly enough managed to get word to them, by doing a reverse sacrifice thing, and got Rachel to talk to Reyna, and got her to collect the Athena Parthenos. You also find out Reyna’s full name. Reyna Avila Ramírez-Arellano (or RARA).

This book is a MUST for all. Any age, for males and females, and definitely if you have read the first three books. But before you read this, you should (not saying you have to but this won’t make ANY sense at all) read the other three. Even though it means 1640 pages to finish. READ IT!


photo (73)So… as you all (should) know, I recently did a BTD Battles Post. Now, here is the *Cough* Prequel game (sorta) BTD5. In it, it is the only BTD Game with ANY exclusive tower, The Heli-Pilot. It also shares the special towers from BTD5 Deluxe: The Monkey Engineer (his face is my avatar), and the Bloon Chipper. It also has exclusive upgrades to the Specialty Buildings, so instead of Tier III, it goes to Tier IV.

This was first released for iPhone and iPod on the 15th November 2012, but wasn’t ready for iPad. But on the 1st December 2012 (3 days before my birthday) it was released for iPad, as BTD5 HD. On the 15th of December (10 days before Christmas) it was released on Android Devices and the Google Play Store. It is rated 5-Stars on the App Store. There are 30+ Maps, and you unlock 2 of them by earning a high enough level, and another 2 by popping 2,000,000 Bloons (+ Monkey Sub). 10 Special Agents. Co-Op mode is also in this.


There are (in total) 20 towers on the Mobile Version (not including Special Agents). There aren’t as many in the PC Flash-Version, but that’s because iOS have the ONLY exclusive towers. That’s right, it has 2. Since 2.3 it has a SECOND exclusive tower, but instead of earning it, you have to pop 2,000,000 Bloons. It also has an exclusive special agent, The Radadactyl. A good strategy is to go to the late rounds, and leave it on (make sure your auto-lock is on never) and keep checking on it. My friend Antonio went to Round 137 to get this (on easy) on Monkey Lane. He got it just after the update came out (maybe 12 or so hours). It took me 8 days. I popped 2 Mil bloons on HARD on Park Path, got to Round 119, and stopped ‘cos of constant crashes and lag. I restarted a game on easy on Monkey Lane, and got it on Round 97, and just before I finished it, I got the tower.


There are specialty buildings for NEARLY all the towers, but unfortunately, not for the Monkey Sub. I have (in in building order):

  • Dart Training Facility Tier IV
  • Boomerang Dojo Tier IV
  • Bombing Range Tier III
  • Mage Spire Tier I
  • Ninja Academy Tier IV
  • Mortar Emplacement Tier IV
  • Ace Private Hangar Tier III
  • Pirate Cove Tier IV
  • Glue Supply Depot Tier III
  • Dartling Ammo Dump Tier III
  • Engineer’s Workshop Tier IV

My favourites are:

  • Mortar Emplacement
  • Engineer’s Workshop

The reasons are mainly for the Tier IV upgrades, and these are Buildings you should DEFINITELY invest your Monkey Money in. The reasons being are:

  • The Mortar Tier III stuns bloons temporarily
  • The Mortar Tier IV (when you change his attack range) to auto-hit bloons ANYWHERE on the map, which can be effective
  • The Engineer Tier III (and sentry guns) can pop Frozen and Lead Bloons
  • The Engineer Tier IV creates Mega Turrets.


I spammed ALL those engineers.


I don’t usually use these, but in some case I do end up using them. My most popular one is the Monkey Farmer. He is one of the agents that you don’t find in the Flash version, but you do in BTD5 Deluxe. The reason for the Monkey Farmer is that it is said that tapping the bananas on iPod, iPhone, or iPad is a lot harder than on the Flash Version, as the bananas will come to the cursor. There are 11 agents. But only 2 are monkeys.

  • The Beekeeper
  • The Angry Squirel
  • Meerkat Spy
  • Bloonberry Bush
  • Supermonkey Storm
  • Bloonsday Device
  • Tribal Turtle
  • Pontoon
  • Portable Lake
  • Monkey Farmer
  • Radadactyl

My favourites are the Monkey Farmer, and the Tribal Turtle. I haven’t gotten ANY Pros, but that’s because I don’t use the agents as often.


The Monkey Lab is an exclusive feature to BTD5 iOS.  It requires TokensToken to buy the upgrades, and there are 7 things you can invest these on. The only way to get tokens is by beating a map for the first time on Easy, Medium, and Hard. You also get them if you pass round 100.

  • Popping Power
  • Increases Pierce by: 2% 4% 6% 8% 10% 12% 15% 20%
  • Tokens: 2/3/4/5/10/12/18/25


  • Attack Speed
  • Faster Firing by: 2% 3% 4% 5% 7% 9% 12% 15%
  • Tokens: 2/3/4/5/10/12/18/25


  • Starting Cash
  • More Cash at start by: $10/$20/$40/$60/$90/$120/$160/$200
  • Tokens: 1/2/4/6/10/12/20/25


  • Starting Lives
  • More Lives at start by: 10/20/40/60/90/120/160/200
  • Tokens: 1/2/4/6/10/12/20/25


  • Sell Price
  • Sell towers for more: 82% 83% 85% 87% 89% 91% 93% 95%
  • Tokens: 1/2/5/6/8/12/20/25


  • Big Bloon Sabotage
  • Less health for MOAB Class Bloons: 2% 4% 6% 8% 10% 12% 15% 20%
  • Tokens: 2/3/4/5/7/10/17/35


  • Hotter Cooldown
  • Faster Cooldown for Special Abilities: 2% 4% 6% 8% 10% 12% 15% 20%
  • 1/2/3/5/7/10/17/35



There are some other parts to this. I am excluding the maps in this because this is taking up HEAPS of room. But anyway, there arre some notable differences from the Flash Version to iOS. Here they are.

  • Sandbox Mode costs $1500 MM ($2000 on HD) insteasd of unlocking it for free on Round 20
  • Extra Towers
  • Extra Agents
  • Towers look different to PC
  • ALL maps look different from PC to iOS since August 21st 2013
  • Exclusive Co-Op maps

The game costs $4.19 (NZ App Store) and has in-app purchases such as:

  • Double Cash Mode
  • Bigger Beacons
  • Healthy Bananas
  • Tokens
  • Monkey Money
  • Rank Up
  • All Upgrades for Towers
  • Super Combo Pack

If you read this all the way to this point, good work! Hope you enjoyed and PLEASE buy this app.



BTD Battles iOS


photo (74)

BTD Battles is a great new game, but unfortunately if you aren’t connected to the internet, you can’t play multi-player.  It was released on the 18th of July 2013. There are 2 gamemodes in this game, both of them different from BTD5. In this version of the game, there are  exclusive maps, you don’t lose energy when you play a game, you can get the Monkey Engineer, AND you can get the Heli-Pilot (exclusive tower). The rounds are different as well. On BTD Battles, I have over 1500Battle Score Icon (about 1800 at the moment).



Assault Mode is my favourite version of the game. The reason being is, well it’s harder! The reason I reckon it’s harder is because of the fact that people can send in bloons. You start off with 250 Income, and that can increase if you send in Bloons, but if you send in MOABs, BFBs, ZOMGs, you LOSE income. After round 30 (BTDB) all bloons will have a 5% increase of speed, getting faster every round (by 5%) . Sent in MOAB class bloons now have FULL health, instead of 50%.

There are different things for bloons. Obviously you can send in your OWN bloons in assault mode, increasing your income, and in some cases DECREASING your income. You start unlocking Bloons at Round 2. There you unlock 8 Reds and 6 Blues, increasing your income by 1, and costs $25.  Round 4 you unlock 6 Blues, and 3 Pinks, increasing your income by $1.7 and costing $42. The differences are that the Tier II versions of bloons come out faster and are grouped closer. Round 6 is where you get 5 Green Bloons, and 3 Black Bloons. They cost $60 and increase your income by $2.4. Green bloons are only tier II type bloons. Round 8 you unlock 5 Yellows costing $75, and 4 Whites for $90, increasing income by 3. You also unlock Regen, which multiplies the cost by 1.5x.   Round 10 you unlock 3 Pinks for $90 (Tier II), and 2 Leads for $90, and increasing income by 3.6.  White Bloons (Tier II) and Zebra Bloons are then unlocked on round 11, for $125, and you get 5 income. Camo is unlocked, x3 cost, with Black Bloons (Tier II) and Rainbow Bloons (Tier I), for $150, increasing income by 6.  3 Zebras and 3 Rainbows are unlocked on round 13, for $450, increasing income by 6 (Zebra) and 3 for the Rainbows. Round 15 you unlock Tier II Leads, for $200, and 1 Ceramic for $3oo, you get 6 income for Leads, but income for the Ceramic.

Now all bloons after this, you lose income. First is a Ceramic, on round 18. It costs $450, and you LOSE 5 Income. The other bloon isn’t a bloon. It’s a MOAB. It costs $1500 and you lose 60 income. Tier II MOAB is unlocked on round 20, costing, again, $1500, but you lose 140 Income. You also unlock a Tier I BFB, costing $2500, and you lose $350 income. Round 22. Last 2 MOABs are here. A fast cooldown BFB, and a ZOMG! The BFB costs $2500, and you lose 350 income (again). The ZOMG costs $9000, and you lose 1500 income.


In this version of matches there are NO bloons sent in. Instead of 250 income, you have 50. At least you don’t stay with 50 Income, you can upgrade it. The costs are:

  • For an increase of $2: 50 Cash
  • For an increase of $15: 300 Cash
  • For an increase of $70: 1000 Cash
  • For an increase of $700: 7500 Cash

YOUR LIMIT OF INCOME IS $3000. When you pass round 43, all MOAB class bloons health increase by 20% each round. All bloons speeds increased by 5% after each wave (after round 45)


This part of the game is one of the confusing parts. Round One is Round Two. Now by this I mean that Round One of BTDB’s is ACTUALLY Round Two of BTD5! There are SOME exceptions. On PC version round 12 is 25, but on iOS it’s 24. Round 43 is round 85 instead of 86. Why is that? ‘Cos round 85 is where the first ZOMG comes. You also get battle points.*Note that rounds start AFTER one player has popped all of the Rounds bloons of THAT round.


There are some stuff you only find in BTD Battles that you don’t find anywhere else. That being towers, GUI, and other stuff. The towers are something COMPLETELY different from BTD Battles PC. You only get 3 towers to choose. That’s one of the hard parts of gameplay. Funny thing is that there is an option to get an extra tower. But it’s randomised. You can get ANY tower that you don’t have. But that costs energy. You lose 2Battle Energy for spying on your opponent, and 1Battle Energy for the extra tower, but if you don’t like it, you can retry and get another, but that costs 3Battle Energy. Also you can quit your game, but that costs 2Battle Energy. You find both the Engineer and the Heli-Pilot in this game, and they CAN help, but more the Engineer. You can also get Tower Boost, and Bloon Boost. They each cost 1Battle Energyand they can be used throughout games, but they have a cooldown. You can also get Road Spikes, but they cost 1 Battle Energy and you only get 10 stacks a game. They are Hot White Spikes.


If you win a game, you get 5Medallion Icon, if you lose you get 2 Medallion Icon, and if you win with no lives lost, you get 7Medallion Icon. You also get battle points. If you win you get 10 Battle Score Icon, and if you lose you get 2Battle Score Icon. You DON’T get your energy back. You also get rewarded with towers. You have to buy each one indivdually, and they cost a certain amount of Medallion Icon. You also have to buy Tier III AND Tier IV (unlkie BTDB PC) and it takes a while to get Tier III.


‘It’s Not About Playing the Game, It’s About Playing the Player’ -Superjombombo2 BTD Battles Mobile Ep. 7. That’s right. Ypu have to see how your opponent plays, and find their weakness, and exploit it. That’s how I play. Usually when you play, there are key weaknesses that you can exploit. The main ones are:

  • Camo Leads
  • Massive Regen Rushes (Yellow)
  • Massive Regen Rushes (Rainbow)

Those are the MAIN weaknesses of players. How to figure it out, here it is.


Camo Leads take time, as they are slow bloons, and they also cost a FORTUNE, ‘cos of the Camo. But sometimes that your only choice.

  1. See if your opponent has Wizards (Apprentices), that can see camo (0,2), if so, then don’t use Camo Leads
  2. If they have Buccaneers (3,2) use this
  3. If there is a Villiage (Very Rare) and it’s (0,2) be careful and check what towers are in the radius
  4. Wait ’til round 15, then check, start saving up from round 11
  5. Send in the Leads



This is an easy way to win

  1. If your opponent has a 2,0 Wizard, use this.
  2. If he/she has a Boomerang Thrower (0,3) and a 3,0 Bomb Tower, don’t do this
  3. Save up LOTS of cash from round 4
  4. Wait for round 8
  5. Send in as many Regen Yellows as you can
  6. Watch…


A longer but more effecient way to win

  1. If there is a Lightning Wizard (2,0) definetely use it
  2. Cluster Bombs are a massive weakness for your opponent
  3. Wait from round 10 and save
  4. If you have a Banana Farm/s sell them all
  5. Add Regen to the Tier II Rainbows (Round 13)
  6. Wait for Round 13
  7. Use as much money as you can (1= $675)
  8. Watch…

This post is quite long I guess I should end it or it’ll get boring. 🙂









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So something new is coming. BEETS! They are presumably for 0.8.0 and is an exclusive feature for Minecraft P.E. They were announced by Johan Bernhardsson, and it looked like, when the original image was released, a GIANTIC spider eye. But I didn’t reckon. NOW there it makes into dye, Beet Soup and Beets. That’s what this post is. Oh and 0.8.0 comes sometime late November, Early December. I was right…





The Titans are an Immortal race of beings who were born to rule Earth. But Gaia didn’t like how they ruled. They have a story that has been told in many different ways, but this is MY version of the story. But before we head into that, there are LOTS of Titans. So who are the Parents of these Titans? Who are their children? You will find out underneath this paragraph of writing.

  • The Children of Gaia and Ouranos: Oceanus, Tethys, Iapetus, Themis, Krios, Kronos, Rhea, Koios/Polos, Phoebe, Mnemosyne, Hyperion, Theia.
  • The Children of Oceanus and Tethys: Clymene, Amphitrite, Metis
  • Child of Krios: Astraios
  • Children of Kronos and Rhea: Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Demeter, Hestia, Hera
  • Child of Koios/Polos and Phoebe: Leto
  • Children of Hyperion and Theia: Helios, Selene, Eos
  • Children of Clymene and Iapteus: Atlas, Prometheus, Epimetheus, Menoitios, Astraios

Some of these Titans have a part in the Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus series’, but not all of them (like the female Titans). The Main Titans had a role they played, and here they are.

  • Kronos: Lord of Time
  • Koios/Polos: Lord of the North and Farsight
  • Hyperion: Lord of East and Light
  • Krios: Lord of the South and Constellations
  • Iapteus: Lord of the West and Underworld
  • Oceanus: Lord of the Sea
  • Atlas: Holder of the Sky, and Titan Endurance
  • Prometheus: Titan of Forethought
  • Calypso: Queen of Ogygia


So here is MY version of the Titanomachy (of course I couldn’t have done this without research and the Greek/Roman books by Rick Riordan)

It all started when Ouranos threw the Hekatonkheires and the Cyclopes into TARTARUS. Gaia was not pleased with that. She decided to tell Kronos (or Cronus but I’M telling the story) to take revenge on throwing her children away. So he did. He got given a Scythe, and had his brothers hold him down (Koios holding an arm, Hyperion the other, and Krios and Iapteus holding the legs), and chopped him to pieces, and Ouranos fell, to weak to hold himself up (so Atlas had to hold him up). And his blood fell into the sea, and came a Goddess.  After Ouranos had died, Kronos took the helm of the world, and was leader, until one day, when he found out something.

Lord Kronos awoke. After finding out that one of his children was going to defeat him and take his throne, and obviously, he didn’t like that. When his wife, Rhea, had found out that Kronos planned to eat his children, she decided she needed to keep them safe. But she couldn’t save them all. Hestia went first. Then Hades.  Only Zeus, whom she gave birth to on Mount Ida, with the help of the Goat Amaltheia (and in some cases Poseidon also escaped and was raised by Teklhines). Zeus was raised by Metis, an Oceanid (among others of course).  He was raised in Crete (which is south of Athens, 397km according to Google Maps Crete. Search: Crete, Greece to Athens, Greece to see) and when he was old enough, it was time to overthrow the Titans.

Zeus was disguised as an old lady, and Metis was also disguised. They went to give the Titan Lord a gift, a poison to make him vomit out the gods. Kronos took the gift, and then when the two left, he ate. Out came Hera, Poseidon, Demeter, Hades, and Hestia. But because Hestia was inside the longest, she was nearly fully digested, and could barely hold her form together, so she fled. The battle commenced.

Zeus took on the Titan lord himself. He had no weapon, and hey wrestled, and wrestled. Meanwhile Poseidon was underwater, as he was vomitted that far, and was met by the Telkhines. There, they created a Trident for Posiedon. It is unknown who made the Bident of Hades (known also as a Pitchfork), but he used it against his father.

10 years the war went on. Until finally, Kronos tired. Zeus got to him, and took his Scythe (the one that destroyed Ouranos), and him and his Brothers chopped him to pieces. Now that the war was over, and the Gods had taken over the Earth, the Brothers drew sicks to see who got what realm. Zeus drew the biggest, then Poseidon, then Hades, who got the shortest. Zeus chose the Sky, Poseidon chose the seas, which left the underworld for Hades.




Top 5 Songs November 2013

So I decided, why not do a post on my Top 5 songs of November 2013? So I did. Here are my top 5 (some of them are older than others). I will also show you guys the album it’s from, and for my Top song, I will have the lyrics.

  • 5. Lose Yourself (REAL OLD, like 2002!) 
  • 4. Royals
  • 3. Radioactive (OLD!)
  • 2. Elastic Heart
  • 1. Rap God


  • 5. Album: 8 Mile Soundtrack, Eminem
  • 4. Album: True Heroine, Lorde
  • 3. Album: Nightvisions, ImagineDragons
  • 2. Album: Hunger Games: Catching Fire Soundtrack
  • 1. Album The Marshall Mathers LP2, Eminem

So I realise, that Rap God is an Eminem song, and they have Swears in them. So if you want the lyrics, just GOOGLE them! So here are the Lyrics of Elastic Heart by S.i.a (ft. Weeknd, and Diplo)







And Another one bites the dust

Oh why can I not conquer love

And I might have thought we were one

Wanted to fight this war without weapons


And I wanted it, I wanted bad

But there were so many red flags

Now another one bites the dust

Yeah lets be clear, I’ll trust no one


You did not break me

I’m still fighting for peace



I’ve got thick skin and an elastic heart,

But your blade it might be too sharp

But I’m like a rubber band until to you pull too hard,

I may snap and I move fast

But you won’t see me fall apart

Cause I’ve got an elastic heart


I’ve got an elastic heart

Yeah I’ve got an elastic heart


And I will stay up through the night

Let’s be clear, won’t close my eyes

And I know that I can survive

I’ll walk through the fire to save my life

And I want it, I want my life so bad

I’m doing everything I can

Then another one bites the dust

It’s hard to lose a chosen one


I’ve got thick skin and an elastic heart,

But your blade it might be too sharp

But I’m like a rubber band until to you pull too hard,

I may snap and I move fast

But you won’t see me fall apart

Cause I’ve got an elastic heart


I’ve got an elastic heart

0.8.0 #2

photo (10)

So Minecraft P.E has come all the way to 0.7.6. I think now the next update is 0.8.0. I’ve read on the wiki (minecraft.gamepedia.com) that there is a lot of stuff that has been added, OTHER than the stuff that has been posted by me already.  The Icon has changed so it looks rounder (maybe something to do with iOS 7). So what’s coming that’s been newly added?


  • Creative Only:
  • Ice?
  • Sponge
  • Jungle Planks, Slabs, and Stairs
  • Survival
  • Farmable Pumpkins (no Golems)
  • Birch and Spruce Planks, Slabs, Stairs
  • Rails
  • Powered Rails (always Powered)
  • Vines?


  • Minecarts
  • Redstone


  • Pumpkin Pie
  • Pumpkin Seeds
  • Carrots
  • Potatoes


  • New Creative Menu
  • Flint & Steel in Creative
  • An improved terrain.png file allowing more blocks
  • Far Render Distance
  • New Controls? (allows Sneaking and Sprinting)
  • Mob AI System
  • Shadows now move depending where the Sun is (apparently it looks HORRIBLE!) so it might not be added
  • Lighter Water and Sky
  • Sea fades to non-transparent
  • Redstone Ore now drops Redstone
  • Transparent hotbar
  • Fire and Lava ignite TNT
  • Improved sky colour
  • Smooth day-to-night transitions and tinted lighting?
  • Sideways Wood
  • 3D Clouds
  • Changed Gravel and Birch Leaves Textures

So that’s it. I have NO idea when it will be released, but I think maybe November-December. Daniel

0.8.0 UPCOMING FEATURES! (AND Also What May be Coming After)

After arriving back from school camp, I decided to check the Minecraft Wiki to see if anything has been added to what may be coming in 0.8.0, and when I looked, I saw A LOT of things that weren’t there last time.


  • Blocks: Ice (Possibly in Creative), Rails, and Powered Rails (always powered)
  • Items: Redstone (mineable and used to craft but not as wire [redstone on the floor]), Minecarts
  • New Creative Menu
  • Farther Render Distance
  • Maybe new controls
  • Mob AI System (Mobs WILL swim over deep water, and hostile mobs will be smarter)


  • Shadows now move depending on the position of the sun (***EXCLUSIVE***)
  • Possibly lighter coloured Water and Sky
  • Redstone Ore drops Redstone Dust
  • Transparent Hotbar
  • Possibly smoother edges on players and mobs
  • Fire and Lava will set off TNT
  • Flint & Steel in Creative
  • Sideways Wood
  • Clouds WILL be 3D
  • Gravel Textures Changed from this:  Gravel-Pre 12w21a.png to this Gravel.png
  • Birch leaves changed from this: Oak Leaves (Fast).pngOak Leaves.png to this: Birch Leaves (Fast).pngBirch Leaves.png
  • Mipmaps and Anisotropic filtering


  • BLOCKS: Tall Grass (which is technically a non-solid block)
  • OTHER STUFF: Infinite Worlds, New Biomes, and Plans to port Minecraft PC world generation, potentially allowing for infinite worlds, Generated Structures (like villages) and increased world height

That’s all the news so far, and for you MINECRAFT PC players, keep an eye out on the snapshots! AND also if you know how to put on a texture pack (who doesn’t) get the SphaxPureBDCraft 1.7 texture pack, and use it on not just the snapshots (latest one 13w38c) and use it on 1.6.4! 0.7.6 is coming before 0.8.0.



To my surprise, Minecraft PE has had another update just 2 weeks after the last update. When I saw an update on the App Store I thought “Probably not an important App, but I’ll update it anyway” and that’s when the surprise came in. It was a Minor Update, but still making the game better.


  • The Clouds are slightly darker
  • Fire has sound
  • The orbit size of the Sun and Moon around the player has increased
  • After eating food, a little burp can be heard


  • Added the ‘Tool Breaking’ sound
  • Flint and Steel makes a noise when you light a fire
  • Tapping and holding a Flint and Steel will ignite a Creeper (EXCLUSIVE)
  • The Splash changes after quitting a world
  • Added Commands (but they don’t work it says: Error: Command not Found)

So that’s it, 0.7.5 should be released soon (on the Wiki it says it’s already been released) and that should be just Bug Fixes, and then 0.8.0 should come. Redstone will be slowly added into the game, starting at 0.8.0 and it will take a while, but it will be implemented.